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$ 100 / month
NO setup fees or hidden pricing
Over $1,000 savings in setup $ monthly fee
This offer ends in 30 days!

If you act now, you'll even get these additional services at no extra cost

  • Custom App Design ($250 value).
  • All available modules included ($100 / month + value).
  • Marketing Package ($250 value). Will make launch of your new solution a breeze!
  • Promo Mobile & TV apps page for your website ($250 value).
  • Get best practices with no skills, additional staff or knowledge required.

Here are some of our recent apps

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries
Touching Lives Ministries
Concordia Lutheran Church
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Community Bible Church
First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta
Creflo Dollar Ministries
Christ's Church of the Valley
The Bar Church
Johnson Smith Seminary
Life Without Limbs
Activate Ministries
Some of Our Customers Reviews
...A whole new level, a new horizon. Thank you for helping Life Without Limbs reach millions of people around the world
Nick Vujicic,
President and Founder, Life Without Limbs
We are grateful for Impact Factors' expertise and collaboration which has taken our ministry to the next level of excellence in a short time and on a limited budget
Jennifer Scholle,
EQUIP Leadership
We love the CBC app! Impact Factors customized the app to our church personality, it is innovative to meet all of our current and future needs as well as simplistic enough that everyone can use it
Chris Emmitt,
Executive Pastor at
Community Bible Church

Now, the question you (and many people like yourself) are all asking...

In an era of declining church attendance, how do you grow your church and advance your mission, all at the same time?

Well, the answer is simple.

You turn ordinary attenders into passionate champions of the mission. How do you do that, you ask? You use a set of unique tools to grow your church or ministry. And you do that by finding an expert that can provide your church with a cutting edge, custom Mobile and TV app.

Here are the benefits of getting your organization's own custom Mobile & TV app published:

  • Give visitors and members the convenience of accessing a mobile app (with less effort than you ever dreamed possible)
  • Spread your message and vision for a brighter future while growing member attendance and growing your givings
  • Utilize community focused features to improve the lives of anyone and everyone watching
It's time to embrace new opportunities and change. There are seized opportunities, and missed opportunities, and you will want to seize this one!

This is your chance to reach hundreds of millions of users around the world

TV App Showcase

Changes are constant, and they're apparent with the shifts in how the new generation is communicating, living their lives (on their mobile phones) and watching media.

If you want to keep growing, you have to maintain your relevancy by adapting to their norms. You can't maintain your relevance by staying put. That's just the facts.

The future is mobile
Global annual unit sales (M)
Viewers are migrating out of traditional platforms
2014 witnessed the first material losses for traditional TV distribution and viewership. People still love TV. They’re just doing it on their own time.
-222K 222K cable subscribers lost as of Q3 2014, more than all of 2013*
-9% Ratings dropped 9% in 2014, compared to 3% in 2013**
1/3 1 in 3 US adults own a connected TV or streaming device***
  • *     Ramachandran, Shalini. “Pay-TV ‘Cord Cutting’ Accelerates”, Wall Street Journal, 6 Nov. 2014. Webpage accessed 20 April 2015.
  • **   “The Bleeding Age: A Look at Cable’s Rating Collapse.” MoffettNathanson. March 2015.
  • *** “The Changing TV Experience: Attitudes and Usage Across Multiple Screens.” Interactive Ad Bureau, April 2015.
‘Apple TV – the future of television.’
- Apple Inc.
‘Over half of TV's shipped in Q1 2016 were smart TV’s.’
Smart TVs currently dominate shipments, accounting for three-quarters of device shipments in 2015. As people upgrade their TVs, the global installed base of smart TVs will grow from 584 million in 2016 to 896 million in 2021.
- Business Insider, June 16, 2016
‘Millions of people use Roku players. Roku player users are highly engaged: the average user watches 50 hours per month. Collectively, our users streamed more than 3 billon hours last year.’
- 5 Roku sales & player log data from 2008 to 2015
In 2016, 164.5 million Americans will watch digital TV—50.8% of the US population. That’s a jump from 47.8% last year.
- eMarketer
Everyone’s doing it! Streaming is not just for young men or millennials. It’s happening across all ages…and accelerating.>
- U.S. BB HHs with Internet - Connected CE Device by Age (2012-2015)

We are on a mission to help every small church be just as powerful as the world's largest churches and ministries. We want to empower every pastor to have the best technologies, so that they can grow their churches, stay relevant, and impact more lives.

If you want to retain your existing congregation and grow it to new heights, then let us show you how to make your content available online, to any person, anywhere, anytime. This will allow you to engage, educate, and inform your viewers (as well as inspire them).

This offer ends in 30 days!
Our platform is a powerful tool to help you manage your mobile app and all of the other TV platforms as one, simple and automated solution.
Modules that are included in this offer

Sermons/Sermon Series

A user favorite!

Whether they’re home or traveling, they’ll appreciate your sermons at their fingertips. Listen to or watch complete sermons or just a segment.


Advanced and Compact Player

  • Your message reaches everyone, everywhere
  • Advanced + Compact Player gives you more than 15 features!

Mobile Giving Patent pending

Increase Giving, Build the Future

  • Increase giving and tithing – members can give anytime, anywhere.
  • Fast, convenient, and secure with 3 levels of authorization.
  • People tend to give more – can give by debit or check.
  • Giving during the service – or right after – now possible!
  • Allow members to pinpoint ministries they’d like to support.
  • Integrates well with church’s current financial programs (optional).

Event Announcements

Simplify, Share and Invite

  • Announce all events, increase attendance.
  • Provide church calendar with all event details.
  • Ability to “go viral” easily!
  • Members easily add dates to their calendars.
  • Set reminders, get directions and reach others instantly!

Interactive Prayer Wall Patent pending

Interactive Prayer Wall. Prayer requests. Praise reports. Prayer lists

  • Encourages the Body of Christ to share burdens, successes.
  • Post requests easily, quickly.
  • Prayer requests, Praise reports, Prayer Lists, Interactive!
  • Gives prayer warriors new battles to win!
  • Encourages everyone’s relationship with Christ.
  • “Pray without ceasing” takes on new meaning.
  • Everyone can keep “own prayer list.”


Share the Latest News

  • Church news and tweets – and select the ones that catch your eye.
  • Adjust font size to preference.
  • Use night mode and reading mode as needed. Play embedded videos – fun, captivating and informative.


  • Great way to show your appreciation for your members by welcoming their feedback.
  • Your members could be a good source of ideas, innovations and valuable suggestions that might help your organization. Users can also share their app experience to help us make it even better.
  • Ideas change the world.


Blogs that Boost Passion and Zeal... and Connect, Uplift and Inspire

  • Post quickly and easily for abundant blog dialogue!
  • Users will be able to seamlessly navigate and share.
  • Interact personally with your “family in Christ.”
  • Share articles, leave comments, impart hope, enrich lives.

Live Streaming

Users can watch your live sermons,
concerts, and special events from anywhere
on their mobile phones!



Post Your Favorites!

  • Mission groups can post videos and pictures instantly!
  • Youth groups and others can create videos – and share.
  • Post testimonies – and impact the world!

Interactive Sermon Notes Patent pending

Deepen the Message with Incredible
Interactive Sermon Notes

  • Allows listeners to take notes, access Bible passages in less then a second, and more.
  • Increases retention and drives home key points.

Bible Patent pending

Spread the Word – Into the Community and around the Worldg

  • Easily navigate the complete Bible, multiple versions and languages.
  • Reading Mode (with speed adjustment) and Night Mode.
  • Newest, most efficient search technology available.
  • Easy access and interaction with sermon notes.
  • Compare translations side-by-side.

Staff Highlights

  • Quick access to photos, bios, contact info of all pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Now, your people know faces, names, background and love the convenience.
  • Feels more like family!

Contact Us

Members have quick access to the staff directory, as well as contact information for all divisions of the church, including all campuses, offices and ministries. Phone numbers, emails, fax numbers, directions and addresses.


Service Times & Location

See Service Times and Locations—so no more guess-work; find out “when and where” with just a click. A big time-saver.



Share the Heart of Your Ministries

  • Increase participation as everyone stays informed.
  • Contact or register/sign-upin a few clicks!
  • Everyone finds their spot to volunteer – And lets His “spotlight” shine!
  • Ready to share on social sites – with just a click!


Spend Time with God – Anywhere!

  • Devotions for small groups and individual use.
  • Select range of devotions available.
  • Draw closer to Christ through daily devotions.
  • Read at your convenience – “Be still” before Him.


Maximum control for users to personalize their app experience, manage various app settings, share and rate the app and more!


About Us

  • Introduces your church, mission, vision and pastor.
  • Helps everyone feel connected, “one in Spirit and purpose.”
  • All ready to share to invite others to visit.
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, SMS, and email – with just a click!

User Registration

When you know your users, you can bless them with even better targeted communications, outreach, and promotions. Why not seize this opportunity? Even more features available for registered users and their settings are stored in the cloud.


With the ability to add icons (sections) on the main menu, you can link easily to outside content: websites, PDF's, mobile optimized pages, and more. An incredible bonus!


Account Settings

Maximum control for users to personalize their app experience, manage various app settings, share and rate the app, and more!

  • Sermons/Sermon Series
  • Live Streaming
  • Photo Gallery
  • Music
  • Church management systems
  • Payment Processors
  • Video Platforms
As a part of this exclusive offer, you will also get:
So, what are you waiting for now? This exclusive offer won't last long. It's time for you to impact lives in the most effective, efficient, and innovative way. Invite your church members to download your new app. And begin streaming your church on their TVs and smart phones!

You don’t need to compromise the message - just change the delivery!

P.S. If money is a challenge, let us know and we'll help you raise funds for this project.
$ 100 / month
NO setup fees or hidden pricing
Over $1,000 savings in setup $ monthly fee
This offer ends in 30 days!
Frequently Asked Questions
I am busy now, but I want to take advantage of this offer.

This offer is available for a limited time only. If you want to seize this opportunity, we highly recommend that you sign up, complete the registration process, select your preferences, and in the “App Design” step, just write a comment that you want to publish your apps later. Once you are ready to announce and launch your apps, we will work with you on the launch.

Is this one shell app that you use for everyone, or are you creating actual, native apps on a separate platform for every organization?

No, this is not a shell app. We will create a separate, unique app on each platform for your organization. All apps are published separately for every client. It is our goal to provide you with the best practical solution that will help your organization grow and provide an exceptional experience for your users.

Is this offer available for churches of any size?

This offer is available only to churches under 500 members. We are working very hard to provide our platform at a discounted rate to empower small churches and ministries. If your organization is 500+, please contact us, we will get in touch with you and gladly present all available options as well as special pricing to help your organization.

Will this special pricing remain for a certain period of time only?

No, this price will remain the same for you. Once your organization grows, you will be asked to update your attendance/donors, and then your price may slightly change, as our pricing is based on the number of attendees and/or donors at your organization. The more attendees or donors you have, the more bandwidth you will be using and that’s why we have to adjust the pricing to cover those expenses.

When will my apps be published?

The average turnaround time is about 1 month. Getting your apps live will also depend on your responsiveness and how fast you provide your feedback and follow our guidelines to complete all steps. If you have a specific request, please contact us directly and we will gladly accommodate those for you.

How will my apps will be published (together or separate)?

We recommend publishing your apps in two phases: first we will publish the mobile app and work with you on announcing it to your congregation, using the best practices. After that, we will work with you on announcing your TV apps. Usually we publish mobile and TV apps at relatively the same time, but we still highly recommend announcing them to your congregation in two phases to ensure excitement and high penetration.

Is there a contract?

For this offer, we require a 2-year contract. With this offer, we have a lot of upfront expenses as we do a lot of custom work for you. 99.9% of our clients stay with us even after their contract expires. To opt-out, you will need to contact us 30 days prior to your contract expiration date. We assure you that you won’t find a better deal or better technology solution anywhere else. This is just the beginning and we are only getting started.

How can I pay for this service?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, and Amazon payments. You will be able to update your billing information any time in your admin panel. Also, you will be able to download receipts, see reports, etc. Later, we will be accepting ACH/checks and invoice payments. Your payments will be PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant, the highest level of security a business can offer. Cardholder data is sent directly to our processor that meets and exceeds all industry-standard payment security practices to protect you and your customers.

Can I publish my apps under my existing developer certificate?

Yes, if you want to do that, please contact us directly. To publish apps under your developer certificates, we will charge a $99 one-time fee. We can help to transfer your app from another provider to us or to your own certificate if necessary.

I already have an app and I want to switch to your apps. Can you help?

Yes, if you want to do that, please contact us directly. We can help to transfer your app from another provider to us or to your own certificate if necessary. Please see the instructions of what we will need in order to do that. Please have all this information ready before contacting us.

I want to share this offer with my friends. What is the best way to do it?

Thank you for that! Please click on the “Share” button on the top right corner of this page, or click here to share this offer. Your friends will appreciate you doing that and will be forever grateful to you. :)

If you think you can help us promote our offer to many other churches or ministries, please contact us to discuss how we can partner with you on that.

Is there a limit for media content (sermons) that I can upload?

With this package, there is a limit of 200 sermons. If you add more, your price will slightly increase to cover our storage and bandwidth expenses.

How will I be able to manage my content for my mobile and TV apps?

Once you complete registration and follow a few steps in our wizard, we will create your portal (CMS) where you will be able to manage all your content any time, see statistics, and more. We are continuously improving our CMS to make sure you have the best tools, a great user experience, and the most efficient processes.

How will the design process work?

When completing the design step in our wizard, you will be asked to provide your logo in a source file (if you have one), as well as provide some references on your design preferences. After that, we will get in touch with you via “Slack” to send designs for your approval. Once designs are approved, we will continue to work on compiling and publishing your apps. You will be informed on all steps and progress.

Can we use our own designer for our apps?

Yes, please contact us. We will provide you with specifications for your designer. This will be a simple guideline that your designer will use when creating the design. We will need your designer to follow our specification so that we can use his work for your new apps.

We don’t have logo yet, can you help?

In this case, there are two options for you:

1) Here is a list of suggested vendors that can create a nice logo for you;

2) We can simply use your organization’s name as your logo. If you want to do that, simply select this checkpoint in our “Design” step. Later, once you have a logo ready, we can update your apps’ design. This will be an add-on service. We charge $75/hour for any custom work and this update will require around 2-4 hours to update your apps on all platforms.

Can we get your 2-clicks mobile giving functionality?

Our mobile giving is available with BluePay or processors. If you use a different processor, you can simply link your giving icon to any other third-party link. Very soon we will be launching our revolutionary giving & fundraising platform. You will be notified first about this launch and will be one of the first to get it. We are creating the best giving platform that will be available for you at no cost!

Can we use our own giving solution?

Yes, just simply link your giving icon to any other thirty-party link.

What about live-streaming? How can we use our live-streaming provider with your apps?

There are two options for you in this case:

1) If you want to use our native live-streaming module, you will need to add in CMS your streaming link in .m3u8 or .rtsp format. Your live-streaming provider will be able to provide you with the streaming link in this format. This way you will get best, native live-streaming experience on mobile and TV platforms.

2) If you don’t have a native streaming link, just set up an external URL that will lead to your live streaming channel. This option will work as an in-app browser experience on a mobile app, but will not be available on TV apps. This is why we recommend using streaming links for native functionality. If you need help with a live-streaming provider, please contact us and we will gladly help you get the best option for a native live-streaming experience.

Can we use integration with our Church Management Software?

We are currently integrated with the following church management systems:

  • Church Community Builder
  • ACS Technologies
  • Fellowship Technologies (in this case, you will need to get API access from your vendor)

Church Management Software is an additional paid module with a small monthly fee. For now, we integrated with the main modules, such as User Login & Registration and Giving.

Do you support RSS feeds for content modules? How do we upload media content?

Yes, for certain content modules you will be able to set up RSS feeds. We are also integrated with Google Calendar to automatically synchronize your event information. Media content you will be able to upload via FTP links, or simply by adding links to your YouTube or Vimeo videos. Our system will grab and upload all your videos automatically and have them ready for you in our Media Library. All information such as design covers, titles, authors, descriptions, tags, etc. will be imported automatically. Due to third-party APIs, sometimes there might be problems with this automatic process, so in this case, some videos you will need to upload to our CMS manually. This process would usually take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time. P.S. We will provide a manual on how to upload media content in our CMS.